Tell me no Lies…

…is a compilation of the best of investigative journalism since 1945. Edited by John Pilger, whom you might have heard a lot about in these pages, it’s a pretty hefty book. I’ve already finished reading Anna Politkovskaya’s dispatches in Novaya Gazeta about the Chechen conflict. Anna is the Russian journalist you may remember was murdered in October last year just before she was due to publish a damning report on a Russian general involved in the Chechen atrocities (I think; check the facts out yourself).

I’m looking forward to some of the exposes here, as they are unlikely to have made the popular presses due to swift political “intervention” or outright suppression.

Oh, and check out this light-hearted review of the new Sci-fi film ‘Sunshine’ by the folk at New Scientist

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  1. bumped (almost) into a crazy driver who was worse than me!! Much worse! My second home, address – Fiat 98, almost got ruined, ai…….what a day.

  2. the film reminds me of armageddon…looks pretty silly… the books look interesting though..

    i read this book called The New Great Game You might like it


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