Ills of the world

Saw Tony Blair today coming from Deansgate. Not only has he involved us in unjust wars, he also held me up in traffic as I was rushing to the library. Can he get nothing right???

I thought of flipping the smirky twat but I had a rucksack on my back, and with my swarthy good looks I might easily be mistaken for a Brazilian.

On the application front, I was writing “…and would be excited to be invited for an interview…” when I decided to replace the word ‘excited’. My options according to Word?

  • Keyed-up
  • Animated
  • Energised
  • Wound up
  • Bored (Antonym)
  • Provoked
  • Overwrought
  • Hot and bothered
  • Upset
  • Calm (Antonym)
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  1. jessy

     /  30 March, 2007

    Arh, you met toni!

    Naz responds:- I think “met” is rather a strong word Jessy, and misleading. Yes we did glance at each other, and for the briefest of moments our eyes locked, and there was an unmistakable flutter in my heart, and a spark kindled which I thought I detected in him too. But “met” is going too far.

  2. Did he not date my plate you?! 😉


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