Internet Theft – The theft of Internet

Ali told me two people were cautioned by police in the UK for stealing wireless connections. He didn’t have all the details of the story, so I had to log on to the BBC by piggybacking on my neighbour’s connection.

A means to an end.

Here it is – Internet Theft

It’s a victimless crime!!

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  1. at least they only got cautioned. read about this guy!,singapore-teen-charged-with-stealing-wireless-internet-access.aspx

    think he got an 18-month probation after that, and had to go for “counselling to treat his gaming addition”…. wtf?!?!?

  2. Sha wonders…: If it is ‘victimless’, then is it still a ‘crime’?

  3. Are we all accessories to the crime now we know you do it?! 😉

    Naz responds:- If I’m going down, I’m dragging everyone with me!!


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