Wolfowitz and the drive to mate

Okay, Bush henchman and right-wing republican Wolfowitz has been forced to quit the Presidency of the World Bank. The reason? He showed favouritism to his girlfriend who was also on the World Bank payroll.

Now I’ll be the first to say I’m glad that no gooder’s gone. But surely the very reason why successful men get good-looking (and I’m making a very sound assumption here that this girl was one hot mama) girls half their age is that they are in a position to bestow or return favours??

Where’s the incentive to men to strive to be successful if they can only spend it on a high-speed internet connection for porn?? Any Joe can get that nowadays. (On a separate note I hope to get broadband pretty soon). Surely throughout the history of mankind the main drive for competition has been reproduction?

Help me out somebody, or I might just get disillusioned and step off this treadmill!!

Later: Just thought of this. I know another mate of Bush’s who’s gonna be out of a job on the 27th of June. Do you think he could step up and replace Wolfowitz? Blair for World Bank President anyone??

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  1. Jessy

     /  18 May, 2007

    Who is going to get broadband? Is it you or the nice pretty neighbour?

  2. Why get broadband when you can steal other people’s wireless Naz?! As for the appeal of older men thing, it doesn’t have to be about the money. It’s about being treated like a laaaaaaaaady. And if part of that is new outfits, flowers and diamonds then, hey, so be it! 🙂


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