Sugar Ramsey

Is it just me noticing this, or is everybody in business who watches “The Apprentice” slowly becoming a prick? Everywhere you turn there are people thinking they can do just as good a job as Sugar. And the funny thing is, Sugar isn’t even doing a good job. Any half-decent recruiter will tell you that an employer’s tastes are purely subjective. An employer may tell you they value honesty, but they’ll only be impressed by your tits. They might require financial acumen, but yet again it’s the tits that are the clinchers.

That may sound a bit cynical, but the point I’m making that there are no clear winners, except whoever Sugar thinks is a winner. And the contestants know that, so they toady up to him, which fact gives him immense power over them. You might argue the source of his power is his money, but it’s really the willingness of the contestants to take shit from him. Because they’d like a bit of his money.

I haven’t much experience of the catering industry but I imagine Ramsey’s ahem, “managerial style” has made proper dicks out of a lot of chefs as well, a fact confirmed by a friend who deals with chefs daily.

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  1. I think the being a chef and swearing thing is quite common actually! You should hear my dad when he gets going in the kitchen!

    Naz responds:- My beef is with the Ramsey-wannabes who started shouting after watching him on the telly. I think only carpenters should have free rein to swear, especially the incompetent ones who hit their thumb a lot!

  2. Tinks

     /  7 June, 2007

    Absolutely agree with your tits theory… how u think I’ve got my job with one of the biggest company in the world???!!!

    My assets has blinded my interviewers of my numeric dyslexia where I believe is quite an issue given the job is in the Risk Dept. Additionally, my assets has also distracted my fellow workers of my inability to make presentations on my analysis process, results, and recommendations. Thats why I have to spend ages typing really really ridiculously long documentation for sign offs.

    Tinks out.


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