You dirty space jet

I (amongst many other viewers) was informed by the news yesterday that a European company plans to have a jet for space tourism ready soon. In between all the exciting statistics was something I latched onto.

The reporter mentioned that it would only spew out 5% of the carbon that a transatlantic flight might. Now that sounds very rosy until you realise that the space jet only carries four passengers while a transatlantic jumbo packs in 400-500 grubby tourists in relative discomfort. Taking the lower figure this mean that a jumbo jet spreads the carbon cost x between 400 people, while the space jet spreads 5% of x between 4 people.

Guess who comes out worse?

Carbon cost per passenger for Jumbo = x/400 = y
Carbon cost per passenger for Space jet = x/ 80 = 5y

So it can be said the Space jet (we really must give it a proper name) is 5 times worse than a transatlantic jet. Never trust the stats!!

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  1. Naz. Do you not think I’ve had enough of statistics?! :p


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