6 out of 10 ain’t bad

I got 6 out of 10 in a quiz by The Economist called Infrequently Asked Questions. People who know me will know also that I believe 60% in a quiz to be for losers who then whinge about the unfairness of the quiz and how they weren’t prepared and were misled and so on. So I shall explain why the low score is not my fault..

The four questions I got wrong (but damn fricking close anyway) were about

1. What New York’s mayor said
2. What Montana’s governor is frequently given
3. What the US federal minimum wage has changed to
4. What a politician in Timor-Leste said

I mean, the Timor Leste one I concede, (which would still give me a 90% score) but Montana’s governor? I mean, Montana? Where the heck is Montana?

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  1. waiting

     /  20 July, 2007

    Hi Naz,can u tell me when u r going to give ‘it’ back to me? I really need it very soon.Ali has the details.

  2. Never mind where Montana is, you mean to tell me you’d even heard of Timor-Leste?! 🙂


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