A T.V guide (that’s television not transvestite)

Thursday nights are the bestest. Mock the Week with Frankie Boyle, Andy Parsons, Hugh Dennis; Saxondale with Steve Coogan and then That Mitchell and Webb Look with that Mitchell and Webb. Oh how I laughed!

Wednesday wasn’t bad either, with England drubbing Russia. But that’s not a constant feature, more’s the pity (and why didn’t I get to see the goals from Wales, Scotland, Eire and N.Ireland) And Tittybangbang? Puh-lease, that’s utter crap and nonsense.

Tuesday I was out in South Tanzania with Bruce Parry and his Tribe, which is always an absolute pleasure. And there’s always Gavin and Stacey to lighten things up after.

Monday was a bit slow; I was tired, and had a zillion things to do that I’d carried over from t’weekend, so the telly was suitably non-engrossing apart from University Challenge.

And there’s Phoenix Nights today, that Peter Kay’s a Mental! What’s he like, eh? Garlic Bread!

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  1. What would you do if someone took your TV away? 😛

    naz responds:- Why would they do that? Why?? Why? Sweet Mary Mother of Jebus, why?? What have you heard?? Are they coming?? And who are they??

  2. Naz, step away from the tv now….. and the remote….. my god, what would u be like if we gave u digital?!??!

    naz responds:- If you gave me digital!! I beg your pardon!!


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