Blood Diamonds

Wikipedia has this to say:-

“blood diamond (also called a conflict diamond, dirty diamond or a war diamond) refers to a diamond mined in a war zone and sold, usually clandestinely, in order to finance an insurgency, invading army’s war efforts, or supporting a warlord’s activity.”

I saw a documentary about the mining of diamonds in Sierra Leone yesterday on Channel 5.
There were scenes of people murdered by the Revolutionary United Front in civil strife and vultures tearing at the dead.
The whole story of the diamond trade financing the civil war was only exposed through a Canadian aid agency, when they heard reports from survivors that as long as the diamond trade would continue, people would die.

This is what Partnership Africa Canada has to say about the Hollywood movies on the subject:-

It is not clear what impact these films will have on African diamond producing countries, to the image of diamonds or the reputation of the Kimberley Process. Certainly the industry has been worried. And Sierra Leoneans are worried that having suffered a terrible war, they will now be punished again if investors shy away and diamond dealers demand a discount because Sierra Leonean goods are seen to be tainted. Certainly there is a long essay to be written about the almost completely negative portrayal of Africa in films, and the idea that African countries and African babies need to be adopted by Hollywood’s glitterati.

But there is nothing in Blood Diamond or any of the other films, there is no horror they can portray, that could be worse than what actually happened in Sierra Leone. In Sierra Leone, it was not a 90 minute experience. It was a horrific conflict that lasted twice as long as World War II.

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  1. Movies rarely do anything but glamorise the topic and make a packet out of it in the process. Good point as well about the Hollywood celebs adopting these kids whilst bathed in the very diamonds that left them orphans in the first place.


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