Bang Galore!

Royal Enfield Bullet Motorbike

Alright folk, this may well be my last post for this year. I’m off to Southern India to get browned in the Tropics and eat all the food I can lay my filthy mitts on. My sister’s fixed up her old bike, a single piston, tub-thumping hulk of a beast, and I shall be looking forward to a few high-speed tumbles. I land in Bangalore this Sunday and head straight to a metal gig my sister’s drumming at.

Plans for Goa are currently afoot. Maybe a flight out to the Andaman islands as well.

Oh, and this is my first post with a piccie. Somehow it had to be a bike! (Yes, I’ve posted youtube videos before photos!)

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  1. Yeas Naz. We can tell you’ve never posted a photo before by the way you haven’t cropped it and it’s trying to escape from the screen. 😛 Have fun!


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