Travel Bug

I have received pics of my little motorway jaunt in India, I’ll be posting the pics on Flickr and Facebook soon as I can so all of you can vicariously share in the enjoyment.

Next trip seems to be emerging as Vietnam in September, initial thoughts with Rayk are Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh over three weeks. Let’s see about rallying more of our troops so we can invade that country. This will not be a typical jaunt for all us ISOMers, I should imagine, and though we’ve sallied forth in the past a trip to Vietnam will herald a new era of maturity, forward planning and sensible travelling.

Or we might just go get high in Amsterdam 😛

Apart from two work-related trips, one to Dubai and one skiing somewhere in Les Chalet on Les Mountains in Les France, there’s nothing else for this year. The Vietnam trip obviously means that the trip to Beijing for the Olympics 2008 will be cancelled, but it seems it will work out to be too expensive and difficult, with billions of people descending upon the city for the event. Plus all the tourists!! 🙂

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  1. ioanis

     /  15 January, 2008

    Amsterdam? What a great idea! When are we booking?

  2. Oh. Only a trip to Dubai, a ski trip and a trip to Vietnam. Poor you. 😛

  3. iv

     /  18 January, 2008

    You forgot India.


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