Mosquito told to Buzz Off

Staying with the animal theme, has anyone noticed all the ruckus about this Mosquito device.

I shall explain: The Mosquito is a small speaker that when activated emits a high-pitched noise that’s very irritating and disorientating to kids, but doesn’t affect adults cause they can’t hear it. Shopkeepers are using it to disperse gangs of young hoodlums congregating outside their premises.

As you may know if you frequent these pages, I of course will not be giving you an insight into the intricacies of this debate. I merely noticed that the campaign protesting against the use of the Mosquito is called Buzz Off.
How Deliciously Ironic!
I would’ve thought Buzz Off accurately described the use of the Mosquito!!

This is another example of the British love for the pun, the same love that causes newspapers to write headlines that, rather than explaining the gist of the news article, make puns on someone’s name. (You’ll notice my headline is both pun-chy and informative. Pun intended).

Of course I’ll give you some example headlines! Chinese President Hu Jintao is a good one.

Hu wants to be a millionaire

Hu’s your daddy

Knock, knock. Hu’s there

It takes Hu to make a thing go right

Look! Hu’s talking

Hu’s on first

If not us, Hu? If not now, Wen?

Who’s Hu in Chinese politics?

Guess Hu’s coming to dinner

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  1. Ever considered a career change Naz? 🙂

  2. At a last ditch attempt to remain annonymous my
    blog has changed to
    All will be explained there.
    I have been missing the blogging btw xxx


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