Sauze d’Oulx II

Okay, I’ve been back a while now, still can’t get the powder out of my heed.

I spent a day on the beginner’s slopes with my board, learning to balance on my heels first and do a floating leaf down the slopes. No doubt I fell a lot, but I was encouraged by the fact that there were other beginners alongside and I didn’t do all that bad. Plus I had decided to approach it with an almost fatalistic resignedness; if I were to fall, so be it. Once again? Never mind. And the more I got used to falling, the less I did.

On the second day I started practising going downhill backwards, balancing on my toes. This was harder than it seems, and I took out an old lady in the process of learning. Then an experienced friend came along and dragged us beginners to the top of the slopes. Jumped on and then off this never ending ski lift to the top with board attached. At the top of the mountain there was nothing left to stand on except a small patch of snow with slopes on all sides. So we took off.


I managed three runs to the top and down in the end, despite having two major wipeouts, but the gluhwein finally got the better of me, and over-confidence crept in, accompanied by tiredness. Caught the last ski lift back to town.

Thanks to all involved.


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  1. Hi Naz,

    Thanks for the e-mail and advice. You can find my new blog at I am currently just posting as Z until I can think of something better. TS will have to be no more, unfortunately, as I don’t know who else knows me by that name. I figure if I pick a name that has nothing to do with me, and stop posting pictures of myself, I should remain annoymous to anyone who cares.

    Take care.


  2. Jessy

     /  8 March, 2008

    For all this priceless experience, there is someone with a Master card behind!

  3. You have no idea how jealous I am. If only my place of work would run to a trip like this!


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