Ten things you didn’t know about Avalanches / Big, bigger, biggest

Here’s a cull of what British telly has to offer now.

We’ll start with the BBC. Because it’s the bestest.

Presenter Iain Stewart takes you through ten things you didn’t know about …. Last night it was Avalanches.

Now, these are the kind of programmes that I watch because I see them as a personal challenge. A kind of dare, if you will. Surely they can’t come up with ten new facts that I didn’t know!

But this was a brilliant programme. Did you know, for example, that in WWI Austro-Hungarian and Italian troops deliberately set off avalanches to kill each other? Around 60,000 deaths are attributed to such Weapons of Mass Destruction. And did you know that rock can behave like water in an avalanche and flow at speeds of upto 100 mph?

Another one to watch is Channel Five’s Big, Bigger, Biggest (8pm, Tuesday). Very solid content woven in a tale of technological progress. The recent (and first) episode was on airports and how Heathrow’s Terminal 5 was great with technological marvels such as a unique underground baggage carousel system with high-speed conveyer belts, automated transit baggage storage system and a whole second backup beltway just in case.

I looked at that and thought “Overkill, surely?”

Which is why it is oh-so-sweetly ironic that Heathrow’s Terminal 5 is having troubles on its opening due to baggage handling.

The next one is on skyscrapers with the beautiful Burj Dubai featuring prominently. Do not miss this one!

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