Kyla Brox @ Matt and Phreds


As usual, I turned up at the wrong bar in Northern Quarter because no matter how many times I’ve been there I always confuse M&Ps with another club on the way. Anyway, got there eventually and found Ioanni and Giles from work already at the table with Amstels, waiting for the show.

Kyla Brox is a blues vocalist and this night she had with her on stage Danny Blomeley on acoustic guitar and Anthony Curtis Marshalls on saxes. Both gave brilliant solo performances throughout the length of the gig. The guitar was taking on the bass role in most songs, whereas the sax was left to create a rhythmic background to a most beautiful and powerful vocal performance.

Which was breathtaking!!

One analogy to Kyla’s voice that popped into my mind was the way the notes of a mighty Ducati Monster Testastretta Desmodromic 998 cc engine can be sweet harmony at low revs but then, with a quick twist of the thottle, can rip your head off and stuff it down your gullet.

She has a new album out called ‘Gone’ which is great, but we bought the ‘Live in Matt and Phreds 2006’ for the memories. Folks, go forth and buy!!

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  1. I know who she is!! Saw her myself at M&Ps last year and thought she was brilliant too….. Can imagine you had a wonderful night there too

    naz responds: Yeah, I kinda remember you mentioning it now, maybe on your blog or something. I’ve visited her myspace page before too.


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