Are you a Space Cadet?

The European Space Agency will be recruiting citizens of the EU as astronauts from the 18th of this month. Apparently they need a lot more men (and women) for present and future projects. Which reminds me of the movie Starship Troopers where people were needed to fight giant bug-aliens.

“Fluent English required, Russian an asset”.

So I’ve ticked that box. But that’s the good news. The bad news for me is-

“Applicants … should exhibit personality traits such as high motivation, flexibility, team competence, empathy with others and emotional stability…”

“…should have demonstrated outstanding abilities in research, applications or the educational field, preferably including operational skills…”

“…characteristics expected of all applicants include a good memory and reasoning ability, concentration, aptitude for spatial orientation, and manual dexterity…”

I guess I could fake the “motivation” and “empathy” bits…

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  1. Do you not need to want to be an astronaut as well?! I don’t believe we’ve ever heard you mention this ambition have we Naz?! 🙂

    naz responds: Duh! Is there anybody who doesnt want to be one?


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