Ok, saw the film, definitely not going to buy the t-shirt.

What is it with these fucking bi-pedal slavering mutant monsters attacking New York but not finishing it off?

The whole pic is about Godzilla(tm) giving birth to little Aliens(tm), shot from a Handycam(tm) by a person who has no reason to be at the scene, in fact has every reason not to be at the scene, and who, although fortuitously catching almost all the action on video also manages to give a running commentary of what is happening off-camera even as monstrous-jawed Godzillitas are running around on the ceilings and nibbling on his gonads.

I seriously didn’t buy in to that belief system, and a pathetic use of Deus ex-machina of a sort I thought.

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  1. I had read that this was meant to be a very subtle depiction of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Did you not get that then? 🙂

    naz responds: Well then subtle it was indeed. And what American movie isn’t about the 11/9 attacks? I bet there are movies made before 11/9 whose Directors (Producers/actors/actresses/gaffer boys) were somehow impacted by 11/9.


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