Death visits a squirrel

Woke up to a nice sunny morning today. Left home whistling, saw a fearless little squirrel munching on fallen stuff outside my home, said hello to him, went and waited at the busstop, saw the squirrel jump out on to the middle of the road, saw the taxi car racing down the road, saw him hit the brakes and horn, saw the front wheels miss the squirrel, saw him jump to escape from under the car, saw the back wheel roll him.

How things can change in seconds.

It was still flopping about and I stood there thinking, “Do I go over and stomp on it, or shall I find a brick or something; what do I do?” I couldn’t, and still can’t believe with my “worldliness” how shocked I felt.

Then the bus came, I got on and looked out the window. It had stopped moving and there was a pool of blood around its head.

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