Ursula le Guin – Steph Swainston

Changing Planes – Ursula le Guin. She is an acclaimed sci-fi writer, winner of awards you can find out about on Wikipedia.

The basic premise of the novel is that while waiting to change planes (airplanes) you can change planes (alternative planes). She uses this simple idea to hang together a number of short observation pieces, written in the first person narrative of a visitor to these planes. I prefer hard sci-fi with thick plot and this is poles apart, more sociology than technology. But good.

Went to Central Library yesterday, got myself some new books and music, amongst them the latest by an author who is fast becoming a favourite of mine. Swain Swainston comes from Bradford, and she is the author of books I’ve mentioned earlier in these pages: ‘The Year of Our War’ and ‘No Present like Time’. This new (2007) book is called ‘The Modern World’. Unfortunately the library only had it in hardback, but even though I hate that clumsy format, the writing is still a pleasure. Looking forward to reading it over the Wochend.

As for d music I have “The good, the bad and the Queen” with Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz) and Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen. Carrying on the Afrobeat theme I have “Africafunk-Return to the original sound of 1970s funky Africa”
Should be tasty!

ps. I just noticed. Two books reviewed, both by female authors!! My my Naz, how things have changed!

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  1. Why were you boasting that you bought this “understanding overseas property” book in the office then?

    naz responds: The “emerging markets” book? I got that delivered after I wrote this. Update on that coming soon!


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