“Giggs, Giggs will tear you apart, again”

Seems like the movement to support Manchester United’s evergreen hero Ryan Giggs, OBE for this year’s Footballer of the Year award is growing in momentum.

I personally think there is no better footballer on and off the pitch today.

    He’s the most decorated player in English history. His haul includes 10 Premier League winner’s medals, 4 FA Cup Winner medals, 2 Champion’s League Winner medals and 2 League Cup Winner meals. This is not including the 5 more winner’s medals he’ll get this season 😉

    He has stayed with the same club throughout his career in a time when footballers switch loyalties faster than they crash their Ferraris.

    He has never been sent off the pitch in his entire club career. This in a club record 788 appearances so far!

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  1. Well i didn’t expect you to believe a Liverpool player was worthy of the title..

    naz responds: Because there aren’t any.


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