Vermeer and light

The BBC (as I never tire of repeating; my favourite broadcaster) showed the film ‘The Girl with a Pearl Earring’ yesterday. I caught it midway but could tell straightaway it was about Vermeer. And that was because of the amazing lighting and cinematography. It was as if every shot was reminding you of Vermeer’s work, and I was kept guessing whether I had seen that particular shot in a painting, or whether it was just a continuation of the atmosphere and colour theme. Breathtaking, and I see the film has won a good few awards for the efforts.

Meanwhile, I also have an idea for the one telly show where celebrities have not yet been shoe-horned in:- Celebrity Zoo Farm! Celebrities are kept in a zoo, and every episode there’s heart-breaking news, like one of them has to be castrated ot put down. But there’s also good news, like they have established a breeding pair of So-and-So from This-or-That with So-and-So from That-or-Other and expect a litter anytime soon.

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  1. I suggest you rent the film I recently blogged about…


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