2001: A Space Apology

… to a generation of acheivers that went before us;

Tsiolkovsky, Goddard, Gagarin, Tereshkova, Armstrong.

Sputnik, Vostok, Gemini, Skylab, Apollo-Soyuz.

We, the current crop of Earth-bound no-gooders, are ashamed of the lack of progress since. As I watch this superb film, it is the year 2011, 10 years later than Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke predicted that humankind would be breaking free from its terrestrial shackles.

And yet we still do not have:

    > Pan-Am flights to the moon.
    > $1.70 videocalls to Earth.
    > Manned Jupiter missions.
    > BBC 12.

Although a healthy 60’s-era American-Soviet mistrust still remains.

(and I’m happy about the ESA / NASA satellites taking solar pictures from opposite angles. Nasa SOHO page )

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