Prof. Brian Cox (aka The Science Sexpot)

The ‘Wunders’ of the Universe is on again tonight. Saw the Prof. on Sunday morning telly, I agree with him that academics deserve recognition (and nurses, social workers, firemen, etc.). I also really like Jon Culshaw’s impression of him. And why was Total Wipeout presenter Amanda Byram squirming and blushing when the Prof spoke to her? 🙂

Just had a look on his facebook page, (which I have “liked”) and noticed that the postings on his wall show his fans fall into the following main categories.

1) Women (usually of a ‘certain age’) fawning over him.

“I wouldnt mind learning about particle physics off you, haha”

2) People trying to sound clever by asking questions about “The Universe, duh” that just highlight their lack of understanding of some basic tenets of physics. (I know there are supposed to be no stupid questions, but we know better).

“Hi Brian, was just wondering how come earthquakes tend to always be in the same parts of the world, especially the type of earthquakes we’ve seen in Japan yesterday. Are earthquakes seen as a weakness or simply where the earth is most active or alive meaning not particularly a weakness at all? I’m assuming parts of the UK thousands of years ago had active earthquakes as around Cornwall we have massive rocks sticking out of the ground. One such rock is called Roche Rock”

3) An intersection of the sets 1) and 2) containing both of the above.

“brian u was awesome on question is what is happening in inter stellar space beyond are universe..does it ever end or is it infinate…”

4) People with some personal agenda who think their comments are actually being read by anyone except the sad people (temporarily including myself) who cruise this page.

“i have a son who is studying astro physics at york university he is just finishing his 3rd year in june he wants to do work experience can you recomend anywhere at the moment hes applied to serbia to do a month there and he hopes to canada to a masters degree then somewhere to do his phd”

5) Genuine scientists and science-lovers.

It’s encouraging to see that a large cross-section of society is getting interested in science.
It’s disheartening to see that a large cross-section of society knows fuck-all about science and spells atrociously: ‘our’ spelt as ‘are’, ‘infinite’ as ‘infinate’, and ‘symmetrical’ as ‘semetricle’! (I won’t even begin on the poor abused apostrophe).


p.s. reference quotes taken from Prof. Brian Cox’s facebook page.

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