The Advertiser’s Secret

After many years of analysing tv programmes and advertisement scheduling, I am in a position to make this startling announcement: Advertisers (damn their scaly hides!) deliberately and calculatingly target their market groups via tv viewing preferences!!

That is why, I’ve managed to uncover, Michael Parkinson comes on advertising life insurance in between Countdown.
And why alcopops and pregnancy tests are sold during Eastenders.

Et voila! Another case cracked!

And here’s an example of a slimy Advertiser carefully choosing their words to say the opposite of what they mean.

A Personal Injury law firm starts with “Here in the UK we have some of the finest healthcare in the world” because they know its risky to diss the NHS that everyone is still proud of.
But they continue (and I paraphrase).. “However, if you have had a bad experience, let us help you sue the fuck out of the system”.

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