Gay Footballers – Doth the gay protest too much?

It seems amazing that somehow, in the 21 years since Justin Fashanu came out as openly gay, there hasn’t been a single other instance of a footballer in the UK doing the same (and I believe it’s rare across the globe; France international Olivier Rouyer being the only other in 2008). I saw his niece doing a programme about this and it got me thinking.

If we’re prepared to discard the idea that there is something inherently about football as a sport that makes it difficult for gay people to play, then it stands to reason that there are gay footballers amongst the 5000 or so professionals in the UK.

Since not a single one in 21 years has openly claimed to be gay (although I don’t believe anyone has to; it’s nobody else’s business), one must assume that they’re hiding their homosexuality.

This leads one to think about how they might be doing this. Perhaps a lot of the footballers who lead the headlines in newspapers with their “lewd night romps” are actually gay and stage such bawdry antics to blow smoke and cover their actual preferences.

Quite a few names pop to mind.

If so, I think the public should reassure these footballers that it’s ok for them to be gay, and that they can stop pretending to be Lotharios and stop deliberately ruining their public image just because they fear the stigma of being gay.

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