Whenever I see flags (ie. at football matches) I’m reminded of those pennants flying at Ye Tourneys and Ye Jousts of Ye Olde Middle Ages. 

Clearly there was some complex code in the fluttering banners that flew above standing armies as well, containing significant information about who was on the field, and what they stood for.

Could anyone from a different time, for example, watch a football match today and decipher that flags are used not only to identify the opposing teams/nations, but also their host nation(s), their clothes and drinks providers (often the same provider for both teams; treacherous bastards!), their favourite airline, their chosen tool for shaving, their preferred method of viewing entertainment, their brand of nappy.

I wonder if it was the same in Ye Olde Middle Ages. And, of course, it was. Knights required huge incomes just to support the stables and armour they needed to chivalrously pillage.

There have always been sponsors who will give money/resources to gain a ‘recognition-by-association’.

But I am also reminded of the Barcelona football kit emblazoned with the ‘Unicef’ logo; not meaning they’re sponsored, but rather the opposite; that Barcelona FC contributes to a worthy cause.

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