Another rant about the sci-fi genre.

I’ve seen the film ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ described as a “romantic sci-fi drama”. That displays an astounding ignorance about what sci-fi (SCIENCE-fiction) means: “A man with a GENETIC condition that causes him to SUDDENLY DISAPPEAR into the near future or past…” is not a premise based on any remotely plausible concept of science and therefore is not a sci-fi story.
What it is, is a ‘Deus ex machina’ cop-out tool used by an incompetent thinker. To be fair, if the author didn’t call it sci-fi themselves, then it’s not their fault. I guess it’s more likely the lazy book reviewers that are to blame.
Leave the science out of it, call it plain and simple fiction. Mentioning ‘genes’ or ‘time-travel’ does not make it sci-fi.

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