Tribute or Crass Commercialism? You gotta have faith.

I heard two George Michael songs today.

Both were played out loud on retail premises; one a clothes-retailer founded by a musician, and the other a large food-retailer. My first thought, given the recent news, was to wonder whether these premises had always played those songs, or whether they were tributes. Or. Something. Else.

Since, through familiarity, I was confident enough to rule out at least one of the premises having ever played a George Michael song recently, it got me thinking about the coincidence/probability of having heard those two songs the day after his death.

Then I remembered the nature of truth is that it is ephemeral. That there can always be a line drawn that connects any two chosen extremes, and the truth will be somewhere along that line. Closer to one point than the other, but probably never exactly at either point.

But I have a feeling someone somewhere decided to crank up the George Michael because he has just died.

Because there are gains to be made from this.

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