Meat Is A Treat – Going Mostly Veggie

This has been on our mind for a while now, with the pro arguments piling up against the cons and ever-increasing numbers of friends and acquaintances going green. But even though the detrimental impact of meat farming on the environment has been clear for a while, and getting clearer than ever (Guardian, 10/10/2018), it is hard to consider giving up meat. It is both tasty and a deeply-ingrained habit.

But with all the recycling and transport choices and upcycling and planting and waste management we seem to be doing, this was a big elephant that needed tackling. And it feels time.

So here’s what we’ve come up with: Meat Is A Treat(™).

The idea is simply that our regular meals are going to be veggie, and meat will be a special meal. One thought was that as most supermarkets do “3 for £10”-type deals on meat packs, one such purchase could be set as a week’s supply. We haven’t figured out the rules for takeaways yet, but those are not so common an occurrence anyway. Likewise eating out.

I have started a Veggie Scorecard spreadsheet now that shows what I like (eg. potatoes), what I’m willing to try (eg. quinoa), and what are definite no nos (eg. fungi). I expect to keep adding to this and have my culinary repertoire grow.

Recipes are being found and listed as well, so hopefully this mostly-veggie approach is achievable. Send in any interesting ones, of course.

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