Human crowd behaviour is often like whale-watching on a boat.

Bear with me..

When you go whale-watching (or seal-watching, or dolphin-watching, or crocodile-watching..), the first thing you’re told as you get on the boat is that there will be sightings and breaches expected on both sides, so remain in your seats and do not rush over to the opposite side.

As usual, at the very first sighting there’ll be a moron who rushes over to the opposite side.

Moron would have reasoned (hah!) thus:

  • “I know I’ve been told not to rush over to the other side, but surely one person can’t matter. It’ll probably be some Health & Safety nonsense anyway” Moron is spotted in the wild wearing velcro as they can’t be trusted with shoelaces.

Unfortunately Moron will then be followed by Entitled Person who will have rationalised (hah!) thus:

  • “I’ve paid the same as Moron; I’ll be damned if I don’t get a view of what I’ve paid for, no matter what I’ve been told!” Entitled Person is also often seen in the wild jumping queues because “Why should I have to wait?”.

Entitled Person is immediately followed by a group of Sheep (of which there are a lot) who will have thought (hah!) thus:

  • “Someone’s going somewhere and I shall follow”. Sheep are often seen in the wild joining queues because “Everyone else is”.

Meanwhile us few Rational Beings will be looking around for the lifejackets in preparation for the boat capsizing.

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