Sci-Fi before bed

I have a huge “best of sci-fi” compendium out from the library which is my bed-time reading.

Last night, after dropping of midway through a story of alternate history, I had the dreams of a delusional puppy on acid.

We were in this agrarian world where some predatory big cats had broken loose from their enclosure and were chasing poeple through the fields so we had to climb up to the edge of the world and roll over a chasm where we joined a virtual reality. Each move had to be completed after replying to a Questioner’s riddles. Although we were playing along with the game, it was more a matter of being alive inside a virtual reality game where someone else thought they were controlling events and using those events to escape.

The RPG graphics were vividly real!

I shall have some extra strong cheese tonight, settle with the book and see what happens…