I’ve seen a couple of episodes of a prograame on BBC 2 called ‘Jimmy Doherty’s Farming Heroes’.

Jimmy Doherty is a city dweller from Essex who gave up everything five years ago to start his own farm. His trials and tribulations were documented on another earlier programme. Now he’s been going around Britain showcasing innovative and hard-working farmers.

As usual, the BBC has presented a programme both educative and entertaining. A whole new previously-unknown world was opened up to me, with amazing facts and stories of perseverance and courage.


Only half the human population produces methane, because in some people the methanogenic bacteria have not been handed down or have been killed by an antibiotic course after an illness.

Daffodils can slow down the degenerative process of Alzheimer’s and may prove a cure.

Peas have to be frozen within one and a half hours of being harvested.