Who you callin’ fat?

According to Science, Medicine and Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis (a coin-operated machine in ASDA) I have a Fat Index of 23.1%.

This means of the 89 kilogrammes of mass I’m lugging around, 20.5 kilogrammes is pure fat. In old money that’s 3 stone 3 pounds of quivering, translucent jelly.

At a density of around 0.9 grams per mil, the volume of this fat: Volume = Mass / Density = 20500 / 0.9 = 22777 ml is equivalent to a 22 litre bag. For comparison see the excellent FUXIN mini fridge. (A product of a company whose motto is FUXIN TECHNOLOGY ‘Creat together, All-Win, Share’. Bless those ruddy Communists).