And the Best-use-of-“flipping” award goes to…

The Economist has been pondering the likelihood of the bosses of the big, failed banks going to jail.

They say that U.S government prosecuters have so far been looking only at the lower-level irresponsible lending.

“But that will probably change, as prosecutors deploy “flipping” tactics honed during racketeering trials, in which lower level employees receive leniency in return for testifying against their bosses.”

Also check out History’s Best Three Graphs, I’ll give you a teaser for each of the three winners:

1. In 1858 she became the first female fellow of the Statistical Society of London (now Royal Statistical Society).

2. In 1871, his obituarist spoke of him: “For the dry and complicated columns of statistical data, of which the analysis and the discussion always require a great sustained mental effort, he had substituted images mathematically proportioned, that the first glance takes in and knows without fatigue, and which manifest immediately the natural consequences or the comparisons unforeseen.” The chart shown here is singled out for special mention: it “inspires bitter reflections on the cost to humanity of the madnesses of conquerors and the merciless thirst of military glory”.

3. His most famous chart shows the “weekly wages of a good mechanic” and the “price of a quarter of wheat”, with the reigns of monarchs displayed along the top.