More news in Haiku, anyone?

I received an e-mail from the Newsnight crew at BBC Two today informing me of Kirsty Wark’s upcoming interview tonight with our first female Poet Laureate in 341 years (congrats!) Carol Ann Duffy, currently of Manchester (woohoo!).

In honour of this acheivement, the Newsnight programme schedule came in haiku form. Here it is in its entirety:-

Spending cuts on mind
Crick and Urban talk defence
Should Trident face axe?

Go to our website
Click on What Would You Cut link
Tell us your cut plan

Sri Lanka crisis
Looking at new attack claim
Did troops bomb haven?

Carol Ann Duffy
First time female laureate
Talks to Kirsty Wark

Please join us tonight
10.30pm on Two
That’s BBC Two