Finally! the recognition I deserve.

I was browsing through Fopp’s last weekend, and I saw Tim Harford’s ‘Dear Undercover Economist’ book, which is a compilation of the very best and interesting letters sent to him and his replies to them in line of his duty as a Financial Times columnist. Tim Harford has also written ‘The Undercover Economist’ and ‘The Logic of Life’, which I really enjoyed.

Since it was only £2 (RRP £12 I think) I snapped it up. Reading it at home I came across MY letter to him revolving around the “Prisoner’s Dilemma”.

My letter was published!!

Go to page 64 and you’ll see it.

I’m reading Richard Dawkins’ ‘The Blind Watchmaker’ at the moment, also purchased from Fopp but at a much dearer £9. It is really gripping, and I marvel at how to DNA we are just “methods of propagation”.