Well that’ll learn ‘im!

On the bus this morning like every morning I was reading the Metro’s Letters to the Editor pages. They are a source of great amusement to me, and I belive there are no persons with a higher degree of genuine moral outrage at life’s little foibles than the persons who write these letters.

Anyway, two of the letters of genuine moral outrage published were concerning Robert Mugabe; more specifically the lack of UK and global action to castigate him.

Imagine then how pleased I was when, on arriving at work, I saw the news that Zimbabwe is indeed about to face a ban from a joint England and Wales board. Specifically the England and Wales Cricket Board. This action was prompted by the withdrawal of Cricket South Africa from games committments.

What a remarkable display of multinational solidarity by such powerful and respected bodies in condemnation of the atrocious acts of barbarianism like torture, rape and murder orchestrated by Mugabe and conducted by his henchmen. Yes, you heard it. We won’t play cricket with you.

That’ll learn ‘im!!