Random Dump

It was Krispy Kreme Friday!

Saw the story of Russian scientists trapped in a Siberian forest with 1,500 pound brown bears circling their dwelling slavering to eat them. Two scientists have already been killed. Read about it here.

A Qantas Boeing had to perform an emergency landing because a hole was blown in its baggage hold. Apparently some baggage was hanging out from the hold after the plane landed, so my theory is the baggage saved the plane by plugging the hole. Which led me to think, can there be some sort of automatic plugging mechanism (foam / gel) like in puncture-free tyres to stop or reduce decompression in the event of a blowout? Maybe the plane could have a double hull with sealant in between?

Lab Rats made me laugh yesterday, unusually. There was a sketch about negotiation.

1- “Everybody likes to negotiate”
2- “Nobody likes to negotiate”
1- “Well.., most people like to negotiate”
2- “Very few people like to negotiate”
1- “Some people like to negotiate”
2- “Ok, some people like to negotiate”