Ugly child almost ruined Olympics

An ugly child almost ruined the Olympics. OK, the Chinese didn’t let that ugly child appear on stage to sing “Ode to the Motherland” for the Olympics ’cause she was ugly. So finally China is doing what we want it to and emulating ‘Western Culture’ / X Factor.

But seriously, what good does publicising the story do? Every time you repeat the story, or add a link to it in your blog (full story here) you’re only reiterating the fact that a whole lotta people involved in the staging of the Olympics thought that child was ugly. And that must be a lot of people! They must have thought her too ugly to sing a song even though she had the saving grace of being a child, and them are all ugly but no-one says so. I imagine this child must have been exceptionally ugly in that case; one real ugly child.

Well, enough of that ugly child. In other news, the Economist has a graph today that shows how much investment in renewable energy is growing, with annual data 2004-2007. The numbers are roughly 35, 60, 90 and 150 billion USD respectively. I like the fact that interest from the venture capital / private equity sector is also growing correspondingly roughly USD 10 billion in 2007. This is a clear signal that renewable energy is no longer being seen as a charity/no-win affair, solely for governments to pander to. The advent of venture capital means that signs are there is money to be made.