What’s a robot like you doing in a place like this?

Apparently by 2050 human beings will be having loving relationships with robots.

David Levy, author of the book “Love + sex with robots”, explains why a person might want such a relationship:

“There are many millions of people in the world who have nobody. They might be shy or they might have some psychological hang-ups or psycho-sexual hang-ups, they might have personality problems, they might be ugly …

Way to go Levy!

Meanwhile for Quote of The EURO 2008, so far the best I’ve seen is this blogger talking about Brazilian-born Roger Guerreiro who, though clearly not Polish, was granted nationality just in time to play in the Polish team.

“there are hot dogs that have been Polish longer than him”

BTW here’s a very good and interesting analysis of the cultural composition of The EURO 2008.