Bush taken out

No, not the real one. I had put up a poster of our most-beloved comic’s humorous sayings, or by other world leaders in a similar vein, in our study room K2, where it put a smile on many a face for a long time…. until somebody came along and stole it!! Now, I’m not pointing fingers, but there ws a delegation of business people from XXXXXX next door, who were admiring it at length (I know where you live). My friends, these are the kind of people we will be dealing with once we leave the cozy world of academia. The kind who are prepared to stuff half a metre’s length of rolled up poster (I imagine that’s how it was done) down their trouser leg (I’m having difficulty imagining it done in a skirt) and limping all the way to their getaway vehicle (There has to be one. There always is. I imagine one with lots of passenger leg-room for minimum discomfort. Perhaps an off-roader, SUV-type. I can see the new Nissan Murano doing well in this role) just so they can save on the £3-odd it cost. No more “after you, Sir/Madam (whichever applies, obviously not both)”, nor indeed a “by your leave”, and certainly not a “if you could be so kind as”! Humph!! What is this world coming to, when even the P of USA isn’t safe???

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  1. dunno about Bush is the green kind I like….
    P.S why are all cornish people good at baking……..
    because there inta-bread..
    see you soon folks.


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