I, Caesar.

I was watching a telly programme on UKHistory about Mr. Julius Caeser yesterday. Fascinating stuff! One thing that really stuck in my mind was one commentator/history professor saying “Rome never had a problem controlling her far-flung military commanders. It was when they got back to Rome that the problems began”. Haha, I love that kind of logic! Another related point I’d like to mention is that a sure sign of big-headedness is when people refer to themselves in the third person, like Caeser often did. Shakespeare conveys this beautifully many times; once just before Caeser’s assassination, when he is at his most intolerable

“Are we all ready? What is now amiss
That Caesar and his senate must redress?”

For more Julius Caeser and other Shakespeare works.

I also must add that if history were taught with computer graphics and whatnot like on BBC & UKHistory, I would’ve loved it. I was born in the wrong age 😦

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