Could you be a better tennis player?

Federer’s won, surprise surprise. I watched it, wasn’t really expecting Roddick to do anything. I also watched The Life of Brian, and American Beauty, amongst others. Cheers Rob! Saturday night was fun, went to Filmworks, and sat in the Gallery section thanks to some vouchers. Free nachos, free popcorn, free drinks. I did have to sit through ‘Batman Begins’ though. If anyone’s seen it, they’ll know what I mean. Bumped into Ina & Mahesh in Sainsbury’s while Rob & I were out buying the best vodka (on a side note, Russian voda=water, vodka=vodka. In Urdu, mai can be water as well as an intoxicating drink) money can buy in order to smuggle it into the cinema later. They’d just been to York.

I had loads more to write here, things that seemed so damn important at the time. Anyhow, it’ll all come back to me.

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  1. Ioannis

     /  4 July, 2005

    As a blogger you will find that ideas come for something to blog about when you are drunk that are not so good if considered at sober times. Not to worry though, there are always drunken readers out there!

  2. steelman is reporting! I am getting better and better now. you should know steelman will become rusted as well…….^^

  3. i have met Simon a lot of times, but nothing useful is going on. last time I told him I rarely work on my dissertation because i taken a holiday with my friends, and then he shouted at me: it is so great! you trully should take a holiday!

    i faint……

    You rarely visit my blog….

    steelman’s ana (9):

    each people has two days every single day:

    the first day in dream,

    and the second in ture.

    too many people waste their second days to persue “yesterday”, when they mistake it for “tomorrow”.


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