A-picking strawberries in July

So isom’s organised another great trip, picking strawberries in July. We have managed to get a van driver on minimum wage, hopefully we’ll rent a van, and then this Friday will see a bunch of grown-ups competing in a very un-grown-up-like manner to see who picks the most strawberries and raspberries. I have a plan for success worked out, but obviously due to security reasons it cannot be disclosed on these pages. Now the rest of the time leading up to Friday will be devoted to choosing a selection of songs to suit the journey!

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  1. Jessy

     /  6 July, 2005

    A cheap driver? There must be reasons of being cheap. I m worried now!
    A selection of songs to suit the journey? As long as they are not sung by someone’s name starting with N and ending with Z, I should be OK with some music.
    We will have a car without road tax and in fact I don’t anything legal about this car. So we better prepare. If the police are running after us, then don’t panic. We have more than dangerous driving and noisy and annoying music for that.

  2. bingbing

     /  6 July, 2005

    hey naz: what r u doing, when i open this page it is blue, and only one min it changed to the original color? r u really cant find anything to do?

    by the way , look what did you say’I have a plan for success worked out, but obviously due to security reasons it cannot be disclosed on these pages’. to be honest, do you really have a plan or you don’t have it at all? tell us the truth, we’ll not laught at you!

  3. Jessy

     /  6 July, 2005

    I know what he is doing: changing colors! (as always)
    His plan is very improvising. So we and himself will only know the plan when the plan just pop up in his mind at that moment!

  4. 1) The reason for the driver being cheap is that they don’t really know how to drive.
    2) My plan will be revealed at the proper time, not a minute before.
    3) You’re right, I have no plan.
    4) My website automatically changes its colours according to its mood, like a chameleon.
    5) Actually I like playing around with the colours.


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