Terror on the highway + Aliens

I felt that since everyone who made the trip to the strawberry fields yesterday will be writing about the fields, I’m giving it a different slant.
There were 10 of us in all, Bingboula, Catherine, Gary, Jessy, Jill, Mahesh, Mamie, Tracy, Yovina & I. We set off from ASDA in three cars, and Mamie and I had the ‘good’ fortune of being driven by Tracy in Jessy’s brother’s car. As we were leaving Manchester joining the M602, Tracy had a little battle of wills with a truck that was attempting to exit it. Fortunately, after a brief contest which had Mamie and I saw a lot of our life pass before our eyes, Tracy gave in and let the truck pass us. We then managed to make it to the fields without further incident, apart from the humorous episode where Jill in the lead (driving the rental car) turned into a side road to let us catch up with her, and then both cars followed her into the side road so we ended up nose-to-tail in a circle .

(to be contd…)

Ok, I’m back. Ioannis has posted the pics on our isom weblog .

I’ve decided to give a little commentary on the strawberry pics, especially regarding the fact that some of us were really clueless as to what to do in a field. For instance, Tracy dear thought that the stuff had to be dug up from the ground, bless! Jill bumped into a visitor from another planet and did as recommended, extending a greeting to them that we are a peaceful people. And although the sight of those bug-eyed, claw-tentacled aliens didn’t unsettle her, the partially-nude Adonis certainly did. Mamie was prepared for the aliens though, she was carrying almost all her earthly possessions in case they gave her a lift. And when her hands got full, well… Bingboula discovered that the blue-coloured plants that the aliens introduced seemed to have a lot more strawberries in them! And here Tracy and Jill celebrate a victory for Earth as the low-flying spacecraft narrowly misses their heads (the aliens having got what they came for.) Mahesh observes Mamie settling down to a quick lunch after the ordeal of being strung upside down. You can even see the Deputy Commander of the aliens gloating over the captive Earthmen and Earthwomen as they cry out in pain and anguish.

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  1. Miss Y

     /  11 July, 2005

    Naz stay out of the sun!!

  2. bingbing

     /  11 July, 2005

    heihei, well done,nza!!! you know what , if you were not there, maybe we wouldn’t have a lot of fun, coz you always have ‘good idea’

  3. MissY: I couldn’t find anything to write about a pic with u in it! Apologies, but there just wasn’t enough material to work with.
    Bingboula: True, true! I’m sure it wouldn’t have been as much fun without me 🙂


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