Futurama (Snu snu)

“You win again, Gravity!” – Zapp Brannigan

We had great fun at Tracy’s yesterday, we being Ioannis, Jessy, Mamie, Simon, Tracy & I. Tracy had the full bottle of “water” left over from her house-warming party, so she managed to finally persuade us (I put up a real fight) to come over to her place. Earlier in the day t and i had gone to Sinclair’s Oyster Bar for a pint in the sun. That’s where I found them in an exuberant mood. After another round we set of to Pizza Slut, for a meal of grand proportions, which was where Jessy joined us. Finishing our pizzas, (and rounding it off with some ice-cream, we ambled to the bus-stop for the 50 to take us to Tinks’. ) We got some beers from Tesco, called Mamie, and settled down in front of the telly with Futurama, thanks to Simon’s collection.

Had a nervous start to this morning, eyes-open at 5:45 am. Nobody should have to face a bank manager and a driving instructor on the same morning. Especially on a Monday. Double especially after a Party Sunday.

(later on in the day…)
I had a great time driving, had to sit through the first half-hour listening to the instructor explaining various complex gadgets in the car like steering wheels and lights and stuff while I was itching to get in the hot seat and take off with a wheel spin. Apparently I also had to be taught that one uses the left mirror when turning left, and vice versa.

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  1. Jill

     /  13 July, 2005

    I am hurt…. u guys had a house-warming party and didn’t invite moi!??!?! tsk tsk…. after all i’ve done for u guys 😦

  2. Miss Y

     /  15 July, 2005

    Jill, didn’t you realise we’ve become outcasts now.I have discovered that there have been MANY secret parties where some people have forgotten to invite us :(.. Maybe we should organise our own parties..we’ll show them!

  3. testcomment878


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