What the ancients did for us…

1) Yes my dear readers, once again it’s UKTV History time, and yesterday I sat through Adam Hart-Davis explaining to mw what the Chinese have bequeathed us. Firstly, fast food and restaurants were Chinese ideas, with some of them getting so good at it that the Palace used to order takeaways from them. Marco Polo imported the Chinese noodles, that were re-born as… pasta! And apart from the obvious gunpowder/fireworks that everyone is aware of, the Chinese also invented the concept of paper money, that traders used to protect their assets from highway robbery.

2) On an entirely different note, this post also celebrates the institution of the David Beckham Public Recognition Awards for no discernable Talent (David Beckham PRAT). Nominees so far are

  • Bob Geldorf – The David Beckham of rock music.
  • Jamie Oliver – The David Beckham of chefs.
  • Nigella Lawson – The Victoria Beckham of chefs.
  • JFK – The David Beckham of statesmen.
  • Suggestions welcome, nay, indeed solicited.

    3) I’m currently reading ‘The spy who came in from the cold’ by John le Carre. It seems to be the only spy novel that can be termed a ‘classic’. The author was working for the British Foreign Service, and seems not only to know the tricks of the trade, but also understands the psychological state of the spy.

    4) Another 2 hours of driving at 1pm today. On Monday I was equally commended for my control of the car and reprimanded for my bad habits. Today should be fun; Roundabouts, and Pedestrians: How not to run them over.

    (later on in the day…)

    Driving went well, but I’m getting anxious that the bloody instructor is trying to squeeze as many lessons as he can out of me. Since I’ve pre-paid for ten hours, he’s counting on them in the bag and testing to see if he can force more dough out of me! Whereas my plan was to finish in ten hours. That doesn’t seem likely, as he’s just pulling me up for silly inconsequential things, like not looking at the road when driving, and forgetting to brake when someone’s crossing the road. Haha, just a bit of humour there. Yesss, I’ve still got it!

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    1. Jessy

       /  13 July, 2005

      I m doing driving lessons too. I paid £15 per lesson and the guy said I am half way to pass. do you want to try this guy?

    2. Unfortunately I’ve already paid 200 squid, but if he says I need more lessons, I might shift. On average people in the Uk spend around £790, according to RAC. Hopefully this means some stupidos pay £1500, which means good drivers (aka me) pay around £90.


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