Jill & I, locked in a battle of wits over the online sudoku puzzles. A whole day of absolutely criminal unproductivity. Who won? Of course I had to let her 😉

From the ‘Songs I heard today’ section :- The Gathering

“What fine judgement I see,
in the eyes of our world leaders
Oh how beautiful life could be,
if it had not been shot to pieces”

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  1. Jill

     /  14 July, 2005

    my battle continued when I got home. ready pile of MEN in the lobby resulted in 4 copies ending up in the flat. sad to say, I may have won the battle but eventually lost the war 😦

  2. bingbing

     /  14 July, 2005

    what is sudoku, i never played it before, it seems difficult for me! but i am thinking, is that true , Naz let Jill won the game? no way, how come Naz become such a kind person?:)

  3. Jessy

     /  15 July, 2005

    I have seen Naz carrying a paper copy of this ‘sudoku’. Now it goes to another extend, ONLINE! Bing sounds very interested. This thing develops really quickly huh? Is it another addiction we are all going for after blogging? OK time to start sudoku-ing.

  4. Bingboula, do you really think I’ve gone so soft as to let somebody win? I guess she had luck on her side. And my eyes were not adjusted to the numbers on screen. And I was distracted by reflected sunlight. Etc.

  5. Jill

     /  15 July, 2005

    when are the excuses gonna stop naz? u got beaten far and square, by a girl no less. altho some pple might argue that fact.

  6. If you like sudoku I recommend you I has 6 new sudokus every day ready for printing.


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