Last night was a DVD fiesta, managed to work through all the 3 Lord of the Rings films, thanks to Peetey (although I’m not sure he knows much about it). I was up till 4am, and had 4 dinner breaks. You filthy pig! The unfortunate thing about LOTR is that there’s too much of Gayboy Frodo and his ‘mate’ Sam Gamgee on screen.

Frodo: Oh Sam!
Sam: Oh Frodo!
(nb. not actual quotes)

And so on and on and on.

The good thing is that there’s big battle scenes, and when they do divert from the original story (which is every other frame, mind you) they’re good enough to include gigantic wolves and suchlike. I personally am quite happy with CGI, and will readily swap plot for action (my Swedish collection bears testimony 🙂 when the fancy takes me.
Anyhow (YAWN) going to see Ioannis soon, perhaps bump around Antonia/Maria’s tonight if there’s plans to go out.

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