An eventful couple of days.

Well first off, I’ve now got a digital camera! Kodak C340. Half-price at Dixon’s. 5 megapixels, 5x optical, 3x digital zoom, and even a little string-loopy thingy to put your hand through. Went with IT Support and SteveO around Manchester, giving them a bit of training in how to take photos and stuff, you know, technical stuff like composition, etc 😉 We saw the start of Manchester Festival, Kwanzaa party and it was highly disorganised at the start. Then we went to Arndale, got my camera, and went looking for things to shoot. Saw a man on a bike with two watches, engrossed in the street drummers. Mike from Punana was there drumming. I caught up with the Kwanzaa party outside my house in Alexandra Park, got a nice photo of a dancer getting a leg up on a cop!

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  1. Talk us the story of this wonderful event! I missed it out! 😦


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